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Milestones in Visual Development

Age Function Comment
Newborn Pupils react, eyes move Eye may cross.
1-4 Weeks Looks toward face, closes eyes to bright lights Rare crossing.
4-8 Weeks Follows slow moving objects, no objection to covering either eye Crossing gone.
8-12 Weeks Looks around for objects, stares fixedly at faces Eyes never cross, tearing begins when crying
3-6 Months Follows objects readily, smiles at smiling face, reaches toward objects  
6-12 Months Looks across room, watches person come in door, recognizes faces, eye hand coordination begins. Eyes appear "normal" all the time.
12-18 Months Convergence (crossing at near focus) starts.  Eye-hand coordination good. Excess crossing at near focus signals problem.
2 Years Mimics hand and finger positions  
2-3 Years Will play picture or letter recognition games, can respond to some binocular vision tests, best visual acuity should be tested as near adult levels, but may not be quite 20/20, considerations for glasses for big refractive errors.  
5 Years May need glasses for moderate refractive errors, all testing should show normal visual functions when corrected for refractive error.  
8-10 Years May need glasses for minor refractive errors if having trouble in school, problems with visual perception/learning disabilities may first be recognized, blurred vision after reading very common and may not be abnormal  
10-12 Years Earliest practical age for use of contact lenses instead of glasses for "cosmetic uses" (other than medical reasons), eye lid allergies with intense itching common.  
12-20 Years Headaches, blurred vision, eye irritation, eye injuries are types of problems usually noted, similar to adults, but less specific in nature.